Affordable housing is very demanding today. Many people are in financial crisis and due to the increase in house rent and prices, they are finding it difficult to pay rent or buy a house. So, they are looking for affordable housing.

However, the supply of affordable housing is lower than the demand. After applying for affordable housing to the local authority, people often have to wait for years.

If you don’t have much idea about this type of housing, then you must read some books about it to know why people look for affordable housing. Here are some books that we recommend.


By – Mathew Desmond

In this book, you will find the root cause of homelessness. Here you will learn about families that spend most of their income on paying house rent. These families don’t have protection from eviction. You will know what problems they face.

$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America

By H. Luke Shaefer and Kathryn Edin

Here you will find out the outcome of studies on various families that have zero cash income. You will know what kinds of choices are available to them and how they are meeting their needs. Housing is a big problem for them and they struggle to get a home to live in.

Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America

By Connor Dougherty

Here you will know how the housing crisis is affecting people’s lives. You will know about the root causes of such housing problems and what can be done to come out of them.

The Affordable City

By- Shane Phillips

In America and elsewhere, the housing cost is increasing. It is necessary to build more housing and give stronger protection to the tenants. The author says that there is no single solution to the housing crisis. You need to come up with multiple solutions.

Getting access to affordable housing is important. The government policies must be relaxed so that more people with low income become eligible for this housing. These books will give you a clear idea about what happens when there is a housing crisis and what can be done about it.