Organizations Providing Healthcare to the Communities

Organizations Providing Healthcare to the Communities

Being healthy is very important. No matter how busy you are, you must take some time to look after yourself. Some organizations are working to improve the healthcare of communities. Here you will learn about them.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) promotes health to keep the world safe. They want to ensure that more people have health coverage. Its mission is to protect billions of people from health emergencies. You will find WHO in more than 150 countries. They try to provide high-quality healthcare to people.

Water School

This organization provides clean water in Africa. It is present in Kenya and Uganda. The organization empowers the community by integrating hygiene education with sustainable water treatment technology. They work with community leaders to improve the quality of water and make sanitation and hygiene practices better in the community.

The Global Health Council

It is a health advocacy organization that makes people aware of the importance of good health. They focus on preventing premature death of adults and children. They often challenge the current health policies and asks for amendments.

Village Reach

This organization works for improving healthcare in developing countries. They improve the capacity of the health workers so that they can give proper service to the patients. They also ensure that there is a sufficient supply of medicines and vaccines in the community.

International Child Care

This is a health development organization that works to provide healthcare to poor people. They focus on children and provide education and awareness about health and wellbeing.


UNICEF helps children in need. They help the children to survive. They are focused on maternal health and newborn survival. They also have a program for the health and wellbeing of adolescents.

There are other organizations besides these that help to develop the health conditions of people in different communities. Their advocacy programs have helped people to be more concerned about health.